Social Media Management

Now Every Business Can Build A Following
If you don't have the time to create upwards of 60 pieces of content each month to engage and educate your clients than let us customise and distribute the content for you.
Having Rapid SEO Expert manage your Social Media Marketing will enable your business to have its own professionally managed campaign at an affordable price that will help you build a brand, create a following and generate sales.
Social Content

3-4 Daily Tweets
3 Weekly Image Tweets

2 Daily Posts
3 Weekly Image Posts

2 Daily Updates

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Our Social Content Delivery System is designed to produce the optimal amount at the correct frequency. Our team of Social Media Experts will profile your company and produce a "Tailor Made" program which will be distributed on your behalf 5 days per week.
Also Included
  • Individual Log On And Control Panel
  • Ability To Review And Edit Content Prior To Publishing
  • Ability To Add Extra Content For Time Sensitive Promotions
  • Social Dashboard Pro Account




per month + gst
per month + gst
per month + gst
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Why Should I Outsource My Social Media To You And Not Do It Myself?
We are experts at Social Media and we are constantly keeping up with the trends and changes in technology so that you don’t have to.

As a business owner you need to spend your time on what you do best – “Running Your Business”

Keeping an active social media presence on 2 channels alone usually takes approximately 60 pieces of content a month just to be competitive. As a business owner you do not have the time to be writing, logging in, posting and replying and to hire a full time employee to do it will cost you at least 6-8 times more a month than what we can do it for, that’s without sick pay, holidays, super etc.

Search Engine Optimisation

These days Google is placing more and more importance on the amount of “Social Signals” that are linking to a website and although it is not known how many are actually needed websites with a healthy “Social Profile” rank better in the Search results.

Expert Authority Status

The more your business is seen and interacted with the more you will be seen as an industry expert and trusted authority.

Brand Recognition

The more your customers see your message the more they will get to know you and the more they know you the more they will like and trust you which will in turn lead to increased sales.

Stay Ahead Of Your Competition

With all the benefits listed above if your competition is not using social media and you are your business will be miles ahead of your competition.
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