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The Truth About Local SEO

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Video Transcription

Shane Walker here and in this video I'm going to go through what is required to be able to rank your website for local SEO terms.
What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO can be broken down into two main categories. The first type is what's known as the Snack Pack, it used to be called the Seven Pack or the Google Seven. It's when you do a search on Google and the results come up with businesses and their Google maps listings with directions on how to get to the business.
Now that's totally run by Google and they have certain criteria of what they're going to put into the Snack Pack.
Ranking For Local Area Terms
The second part is being able to rank your website for local area terms. For instance, someone is searching for a plumber in Brisbane that your website is optimised so that it ranks for someone searching for that particular term.
N.A.P Consistency Is Vital
Now whenever you do local SEO, the big thing to know is what's known as NAP. The consistency of your NAP is vital. Now your NAP is the name, address and phone number.
One of the big things to rank if a local SEO is the use of citation websites such as Yelp, True Local and things like that but when you do them you must ensure that your business address, your phone number and the business name are identical on all of the citations or all of the websites that are pointing back to your websites.
If there's inconsistencies, if you have a different address or different phones, Google won't rank you in the Snack Pack because it can't verify that this is a business that is at that particular address and it will wipe you out of the Snack Pack. So it's really, really important that you have the name, address and phone number consistent across all of your material that you publish on the web.
Google Reviews
Another thing is reviews. Now good reviews really, really matter. It's really important that you have reviews on your website and that they're all good. If you get bad reviews, the thing is to go out and get more and more good reviews to push those bad reviews down and off the front page.
The thing about reviews is when people are looking for local businesses and they look at reviews, most of the time they're not actually looking for reasons to buy and they're not looking for the good reviews themselves.

They're actually looking for a reason not to buy. They're skimming through the good reviews and they're just looking for a bad review to see if there's a reason that should stop them from buying from you. That's why it's really, really important to make sure that you have only good reviews or that good reviews are the ones at the top of your page.
Ranking With GEO Modifyers
Now you don't just have to rank for the Snack Pack. You can rank your website for local area terms with what's called GEO modifiers because when people do a search for businesses local to them, they will add what's called a GEO modifier into their search term.

For instance, they might be searching for a plumber so they'll write plumber Brisbane or plumber Brisbane, Queensland 4000 into the search engine. When you're optimising your page if you want to rank for those local area terms and it may just be a suburb near you, not just the main city but what you should put in, make sure your page title says plumber Brisbane, Queensland 4000, so that you're including the keyword that you want to rank for, the location, the post code and the state.

Then you'll be able to rank for all the long titles as well because you'll be able to rank for plumber in Brisbane, you'll be able to rank if someone searches for plumber Brisbane, Queensland and you'll also be able to rank if someone searches for a plumber Brisbane, Queensland and puts in the post code.

Also, the more GEO modifiers that you have in your local area title tags, also means that Google will get more of an understanding that this page is relevant to that particular area.
In Summary
In summary, if you want to rank your website for local area terms with local SEO, you must make sure that your name, address, phone number is consistent across the board.

That you have good reviews on your site and that you include GEO modifiers into your page titles to help you rank for those particular terms.
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