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The Top 4 SEO Mistakes – And How To Fix Them

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Video Transcription

Shane Walker here and in this video I am going to go through the top SEO mistakes that we see on a regular basis so that you can identify them and make sure that you're not doing them in your business.
Mistake 1 - Chasing Your Tail

The biggest mistake we see by far is what we call “Chasing Your Tail”. This is when people are not allowing enough time for any changes to their website or link building campaigns to take effect and they are making premature changes based on the data that they currently have.
Recent studies have shown that it can as long as 10 weeks for changes to take effect in the search engine results. This is predominantly for two reasons.
The first reason is that Google needs time to be able to find the work that has been done, ascertain its relevance and compare it to other websites before making any changes.
The second reason is that Google is secretive about how it’s algorithm works and does not make changes straight away so that webmasters can’t track cause and effect and therefore manipulate the algorithm.
Mistake 2 - Not Optimising Your Page Correctly
The second mistake we see all the time is not having your web page correctly optimised to rank for the search term you have chosen. The cold hard fact is that a lot of the SEO work that is done by webmasters is wasted because of bad on page optimisation.
When the Googlebot crawls your website it will read the content and make a decision as to what terms that page is eligible to be ranked for. If the Googlebot is unable to realise the term that you wish to rank for than your SEO efforts are going to be wasted because Google will be oblivious to the fact that this is what your page is about.
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Mistake 3 - Page Relevancy
Another huge mistake most webmasters make is not having the page relevant to the keyword that you're trying to rank for. Google's algorithm is now smart enough to understand the topic of the page and can make a judgment as to its relevancy.
For example if you wanted to rank for the term chiropractor in Brisbane then the page should contain information about the chiropractic field in Brisbane.
Remember it’s not up to Google, it is your responsibility to make the content on your page worthy of a search engine position.
Mistake 4 - Over Optimisation
A website is over optimised when it has too many exact match anchor text links pointing back to it. This can be either or from an accumulation of links across the web or the use of your keyword too many times on the page itself.
This will cause you to incur a Google penalty and once that happens it can be a really long road back as you will have to build a large number of naked or URL links to essentially dilute the ratio of exact match links you currently have.
So there you have it, the TOP Four SEO Mistakes that we constantly see here at Rapid SEO Expert.
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