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On Page SEO Optimisation – 3 Steps To Success

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Shane Walker here and in this video I'm going to show you the 3 steps you need to optimise your website to rank in the search engine results.

So why do we need to do this?
Essentially optimising your web page is the way that you tell the search engines what this page is about and what search term you would like it to be ranked for.

If your web page is not correctly optimised then the search engines will not know where to put the page, and the great majority of the backlinking that you do will be wasted.
Step 1 is to begin with good keyword research.

The keywords that you choose should meet the following criteria.

  • Level of competition, generally speaking the higher the level of competition the more money it is going to cost you to be able to rank for that particular search phrase.
  • Search volume, There is no point in ranking for a search phrase that nobody is typing into the search engines, after all if people are not looking for that then they are just not going to find you.
  • Is your search term Broad or Narrow, You also need to make sure that the search phrase that you choose will bring you targeted leads that you can convert into sales. For instance if you sold a product that was only applicable to a particular type of mountain bike then you would not target the term cycling supplies as the people that are searching for this term would be looking for many different items and the percentage of those people that would be looking for your particular product would be fairly low.
Step 2 is to have your keyword in the page title. Whilst there are other things you can do on page that will tell the search engines what
Other things that you can do is to have either your keyword or a variation of the keyword in the URL the H1 and 2 tags as well as the alt image tags.
Now a word of caution, Google does impose penalties for keyword over optimisation and in a lot of cases it may be more prudent to use varients of the keyword as opposed to an exact match.

For example if your keyword was “Plumber Brisbane”, then you may want to use terms such as quality plumber in Brisbane, plumbing expert Brisbane etc.
Step 3 is to ensure that the page content is relevant to the term that you wish to rank for.
Google's algorithm is constantly evolving and is now smart enough to understand the general theme of the webpage but is not able to make any judgement as to the accuracy or the quality of the content.
What that means is that if you had a page title of Plumber Brisbane and the article on the page was all about monkeys, Google is smart enough to know that this page is not about a plumber in Brisbane and therefore will not rank for that term.
One technique that really helps boost the relevance of a page in Googles eyes is to make a YouTube video with the same title as the page and embed the video onto your webpage. YouTube videos work really well in promoting the SEO of your website because Google owns Youtube and they love to see their own products being used.
If you are not using video then try to have at least 350 to 400 words on the page because anything less you are not really giving Google a chance to understand what the page is all about and make a judgement on it's relevancy.
So that is the 3 steps that you need to ensure that your web page will be optimised to rank in the search engines, below this video is a link where you can get my list of the TOP SEO tools that will allow you to be able to carry out these steps quickly and easily, so click the link and download it now.
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