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SEO And Local Citations

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Video Transcription

Shane Walker here and in this video I am go through why every website, not just local business websites should be ensuring that they go out and rank for their local search terms by getting local listings and local citations.
Local citation websites are websites such as Yelp, True local, Wheris and Start Local. What sets these websites apart from others is that they have a high domain authority and unlike generic directory websites they provide a complete listing of all the business details including name, address, phone number, website details as well as the ability for users to write reviews and comments.
Now quite often this topic can cause a bit of confusion, especially if you are a business that is either solely online or a combination of online and in store, and those business owners often asked me if this is even relevant to their situation so what I am going to do is address the reasoning for each particular situation.
So for a business that sells products or services both in store and online you would want to be ranked for local listings because:
  • It will boost your maps visibility, so that when people are searching in Google Maps for a term such as "your product" or "your product store ," and if the are near to your location, Google Maps will make your business show up higher in the results.
  • It will boost your local ranking so that if a person is searching for "product shop suburb" or "product shop City" or even "Product shop near me" and you happen to be there, Google will show your business higher for that ranking as well.
  • It will boost your domain authority, meaning that those local links are contributing to your overall ability to rank in the search engines. That also means you can rank more easily for generic search terms that are related to your product but not based on location.
  • It will send you qualified traffic. If a prospective customer is close to you and does a search on Google for your service and suburb, then that person is a highly targeted lead and far more likely to convert to a sale than the average person doing a search on the Internet.
Now where I constantly get the most resistance to this is in the case of the person who runs an online business only, generally they believe that ranking for local terms is not really relevant to them and that their direction and focus should be more on ranking for national or international terms.
So what are the advantages of obtaining local rankings for an online only business?
  • It will boost your domain authority, and as I explained before a link from these websites can really help you rank in the search engines.
  • It will make it harder for your competitors to compete for your search terms. If your competition does not reside in your local area then they will be unable to get local citation listings for your locality. So if your business is ranking for your local area search terms, a competitor who is trying to rank nationally the same as you will not be able to get their website ranked above yours because Google will believe your website to be more relevant to be showing to people in that particular area. Even if you're just in an office space or working from home, wherever your business is registered you can go out and get these links.
  • It will help generate qualified customers. Not only will citation websites tell the reader who and where you are, but they will also drive qualified visitors to your product and sales pages so you can readily convert them into customers.
And last but not least:
  • Local information, even citations by themselves, are viewed as a trust signal for Google, local citations send a very clear message to google that this is a real, legitimate business in a real location. They tell google that you can trust this website and that it is not a spammy or fly by night business.
Now if you are a local bricks and mortar business that doesn't sell online, this one is a no-brainer with numerous benefits in all the areas that have previously been discussed including
  • It will boost your maps visibility so people will be directed to your store.
  • It will boost your local rankings and get you more customers.
  • It will boost your organic rankings so that anybody in your local area who is searching just by product and name will have more of a chance of finding you then your competitors.
  • It will also send you valuable direct traffic to your business.
One of the easiest way is to find a local citation website is to do a Google search for local citation website in "your city or country".

The way to get the best return on your investment for local citations, and to have each citation pass on the most power to your website is to start by setting up a Google plus page for your website with all your business details and then making sure that every citation you submit has the identical information that is on your Google plus page.

A big thing with Google is consistency and legitimacy, if your Google plus page is setup correctly for your business and verified by Google and every citation site is listing exactly the same details then google will view your business as more trusted and reliable, and they will reward you accordingly.

Now you may be thinking to yourself that you really need to go out and get these local citations but you just don't have the time and the resources that are needed in order to achieve this. Well if that is the case then you may want to consider one of our SEO Packages. Each one of our SEO Packages includes the full setting up and managing of all your Local Citation listings and you can find out more by clicking the link below this video.
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