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How To Write A Killer Sales Email

Video Transcription

Does this sound like you?

You have a great product or service that you know people love, you have a database of good customers, but each time you send a sales email out to them you are just not getting the response and the sales that you know you should be getting.
Well the problem probably doesn't lie in your product or your customers but in the message that you are sending out to them.

These days the average person is getting over 120 emails per day and if your message does not stand out, call their attention and resonate with them then you are not going to get the open let alone the sale.
I believe it was Dan Kennedy (but don’t quote me) who once said that you need to be entering the conversation that is currently going on in your customer's mind.
So how do we do that?

Well luckily I have an email formula that I am going to go through now that has been tested and works like gangbusters.

But before we go into the framework of how I write my emails I would like to tell you the number one rule when it comes to writing emails to your customers and that is do not try to sell from the email.
Now what we have to remember is that contrary to popular belief your customer is not sitting around all day thinking about you, you are not in the forefront of their minds.

And I can just about guarantee that they are not sitting there in front of their computers saying to themselves boy I hope some company sends me an email soon because I have some spare money that I really want to spend.
So when a customer hasn't heard from you in a while and you are not in their thoughts, then all of a sudden you pop up with an email that screams something like super sale, buy now, and give me your money.

The great majority of the time you are going to freak the customer out and they're going to hit the delete button.
So any emails you send should be solely for one purpose, and that is to get the customer to click the link to go to your sales page.

Your sales page is your virtual sales person that works for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week and it is the job of the sales page to make the sale and not the email.
So how do we structure our emails?

Our emails are broken down into 7 stages and I will go into each part in more detail in a minute but the seven stages are
  • The subject line
  • The first section
  • The image
  • The early CTA
  • The benefits
  • The CTA
  • The sign off and P.S
So let's look at each of these in detail:

Stage 1 The Subject Line

The subject line has one purpose only, and that is to get the email read.

Now whilst this may sound silly the subject line is an incredibly important thing. Think about it this way.

If everything else stayed the same, your click throughs, your conversions etc and just by tweaking your subject line you were able to get double the open rate you will effectively have doubled your sales without any extra customers.
Stage 2 The First Section

The first section goes hand in hand with the subject line, now that you have their attention you need to speak directly to the customer and address either their pain point or the benefit that they can get from what it is you are selling.

The reason for this is that you have now painted a picture or a scenario in the customer's mind of the problem that they have and reminded them of the need to fix it.

If you start your first sentence with what it is that you have, subconsciously they will switch off and probably delete the email.

Then follow with a short sentence or two to let the customer know that you have that solution to the problem, you can say something like and that is why we have created the super product 2000.

Or if it is a long established product that the customer already knows about if you could say, and for a very limited time we have a special offer the super product 2000.

Stage 3 The Image

The next step is to have an image of the product or service and make it clickable through to the sales page. Numerous testing in multiple niches has shown that emails with images in them get far higher click through rates than emails without images.
Stage 4 The Early CTA

Now there will be a small percentage of your customers that need no more incentive and are ready to buy now.

So that's where the early CTA comes in, under the image have a clickable link that says something along the lines of click here to find out how you can get 20% off the super product 2000.
Stage 5 The Benefits

This is where you get to sell the product and the way to sell the product is to describe to the reader the benefits that they will get from purchasing the product.

What’s important to note here is that we are pointing out the benefits of the product to the reader as opposed to the features because at the end of the day one thing you really must understand is that your customer is interested in what's in it for them.

The more you address the benefits in all of your marketing the more successful you will be.

Way too many business owners concentrate on how great a product it is, what features it has and they don't transfer that into what it means for the customer.

I like to use bullet points for this
Stage 6 The CTA

This is where we sell the click with a direct call to action.

This special offer is only available for a limited time. To be able to secure you 20% discount on the super product 2000, click the link below and it will take you to our secure order form where you can safely and secure enter your payment details.
Step 7 The Sign Off And P.S

No this is in two parts, the first part is simply where you use your usual salutation and add your name. I generally like to use something like regards or enjoy again it depends on your market.

I tend to stay away from the more cheesy things like to your success which I think are way overdone in the online world.

The second part is the PS.

This is optional but a lot of people are what is known as PS Scrollers. That is they will open an email, skim down to the bottom and read the PS first.

So to accommodate the PS scrollers I like to do a brief summary something along the lines of….

PS In case you skip to the PS first like me here is the deal. For a limited time we are having a special 20% discount on the super system 2000 and you can get it by clicking this link.
So there you have it, A framework so that you can go out now and start sending out emails that will get your customers clicking through to your sales pages.
One question I get a lot from my clients when I walk them through this is what is the best service to use to send emails to my customers. I use and recommend DRIP.
DRIP is a service that will allow you to send what is known as conditional emails and what that means is that rather than just sending out the same old emails to everybody, you can tell them that if someone doesn't open the email send this.

Or if someone clicks the link then send this email etc. So by using DRIP you can completely tailor your marketing message to the actions that your customers are taking.

This helps you enter the conversation that is going on in the customer's mind and increases conversions, sales and money.

You can find out more about drip and you can even get unlimited use for as little as $1 per month. To find out more click the link below this video.
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