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My Response – Google’s View On An SEO Company

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This week Maile Ohye, who has been part of the Google search team for 17 years released a video on what to look for when hiring an SEO company to rank your website.

Maile raises some really important points and some which I do not agree with. I will outline those for you below the video.
Some things I really agree with are:

SEO can't make or save a bad business, as I have always said there is no amount of good SEO or marketing that can overcome a crappy product or service.

Which is why at Rapid SEO Expert we make sure that any business we deal with is not a fly by night or get rich quick type of venture.

Completing an SEO Audit before starting a campaign is essential. After all how can you map out the path to where you want to be if you have no idea where it is you are currently at?

Good SEO takes time, it is a long term investment, if you are a business that is really struggling for money and desperate for fast results than an SEO campaign is really not the right choice for you.
Some things I disagree with are:

Depending on the service that you are paying for an SEO will not always recommend changes to website and advice on how to convert visitors to sales. That comes under the banner of either full service SEO or our business coaching program.

It is unrealistic to pay for a basic SEO ranking package and expect the company to be providing hours of individual and tailored advice on website changes and sales conversions.

I believe that a good SEO can and should be able to provide that when required, however it would be part of a more dedicated upper level package.

I would really like to hear your thoughts on what Maile has said below.
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