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What To Do If You Get A Penguin Penalty

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Video Transcription

Shane Walker here and in this video I'm going to demystify the Penguin SEO Penalty, show you how you can easily recover from it, and get your website ranked in the search engine results again.
So What Is A Penguin Penalty?
It is a penalty that is imposed by Google on your website when you have an abnormally high percentage of exact match anchor text links pointing back to your website.
An anchor text is the actual visible text that is in a clickable link that leads back to your website and an exact match anchor text means that the words in the text are exactly the same as the keyword that your page is optimised for.
Ranking a website in Google is all about obtaining or creating a natural link profile which is diversified not only in the type of links, but the anchor text used.

For instance it would not be natural for a website that is trying to rank for the term “Plumber Brisbane”, to have all the links pointing back to the website with the anchor text “Plumber Brisbane”.
When Penguin was first introduced into the Google algorithm back in 2012 A great number of websites became penalised even though the anchor text ratio allowed at the time was 30%.
Then in 2013 Google became even more strict with the ratios and although they do not give exact percentages out testing would indicate that the maximum allowable ratio is around the 5% to 10% mark.

Now it is important to note that the Penguin algorithm constantly runs so just because you are ranking your website today does not mean that you will be ranking tomorrow, and your anchor text ratio is something that you must continually monitor.
How To Easily Fix A Penguin Penalty
The good news for you is that fixing a Penguin penalty is fairly straightforward. To be able to remove a penguin penalty you need to change your anchor text ratio so that the majority of links are coming from brand or naked URL’s.
And if we think about it that is generally how most people will naturally link to a website, they will use either the company name or a naked URL such as www.yourcompany.com as the anchor text.
These links can be obtained from just about anywhere but some of the best sources are Social Media Profiles as well as Local Citation Websites such as Yelp and True Local.
Another great source of obtaining naked links to your website is through the submission of Press Releases. Services such as PR wire is a service where you can write a press release about your business and have it submitted to thousands of press and news agencies all over the world. Each submission will get you a quality authoritative naked link back to your website.
So in summary having too many exact match links to your website will cause you to have a Google penalty and the best way to either avoid or reverse this is to ensure that the majority of links pointing to your website are either brand or URL links.
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