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Local SEO Is The New Yellow Pages

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Why You Need SEO For Local Search

The way people buy has changed. 
This makes ranking in the search results a "must have" to succeed. Here's why....
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83% Of Customers Won't Buy From You Without it

The fact is 83% of customers surveyed stated they would not buy from a business that they could not find in the search results.

What this means is that if you don't rank in the local results you automatically miss out on 830 out of every 1000 possible sales. 

That's before you even get started!
47% Of People Use Search To Find A Local Business Daily
Almost 1 in 2 people under the age of 40 are using the search engines to find or research a small business at least once every day. 

If you are not placing your business where they are actively looking then this means that you are going to be left behind.  

seo for local search
rank local
You Can Jump To The Front Of The Queue
Currently only 26% of businesses use any type of search marketing. This creates a huge opportunity for those that are smart.

Ranking for local terms let's you get ahead of the rest and establish yourself with the 83% of people who won't buy from everyone else.

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Why You Should Choose Rapid SEO Expert

Customised Campaigns

No "Cookie Cutter". 
Your campaign matches your needs so that you can rest assured your marketing dollars are being spent wisely

Backed By Testing And Data

We don't take risks with your business. All our decisions are based on years of data and testing so that you can get results faster. 

Transparent Reporting

We provide you with a full report of all completed work. This allows you know what was done and understand what has worked and why.

You Keep Everything

Everything we do in our Local SEO campaigns is yours to keep. We provide you full access so that you have an asset that will continue to work for you into the future.

The Team You Can Trust
Don't trust the future of your business to unqualified "cut price operators".
  • Certified Search Marketing Specialist
    customer value optimisation specialist certified
    Certified Analytics And Data Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist Certified
    Certified Direct Response Copywriter
Your Details Are Secure
We take security seriously 
Secure Payment Process
Secure Payment Process
We us the same level of security that is trusted by Amazon to take their payments. So you can rest assured your private details are safe.

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For Large Towns / Capital Cities
Website SEO Audit
Full Citation Audit
Local Directory Citations
Quality SEO Linking Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Package Is Suitable For My Business?

If you are in a small town or wish to rank for your local suburb than we recommend the Local Mini. If you are in a large town or wish to rank for your capital city i.e Plumber Brisbane than we recommend the Local Large. 

Is there anything I can do to my website to help my SEO Rankings?

Every Search Engine Package includes a comprehensive website audit that will provide you with all of our recommendations for changes to your website

Will this work harm my website?

All of the work conducted at Rapid SEO Expert is totally white hat and conducted in accordance with the Google webmaster guidelines and terms of service. 

We do not take any risks with our customs website and our 100% committed to building our clients a long-term sustainable business.

Are there any contracts?

At Rapid SEO Expert there are no contracts with any of our packages however good SEO takes time to take affect. 

As a result we recommend that you continue with this service for a minimum of three months in order for the results of the work to take effect.

Do I get to see the work that you have done for me each month?


We pride ourselves on our integrity and as a totally upfront company that has nothing to hide. At the end of each month you will receive a detailed report listing all of the work that we have done as well as links to view the work.
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