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We Build Your Local SEO On These 4 Critical Elements

Full Citation Audit
Local Directory Citations
Rich Media Citations
Social Citations
1. Full Citation Audit
Your Citation Audit sets your road map to success. Just like setting out on a road trip you must have a complete understanding of where you are at now in order to plan to course to your destination.
2. Local Directory Citations
Local Directory Citations are at the foundation of Local SEO. Our job is to ensure your business is listed in the very BEST of directories and niches for your market.
3. Rich Media Citations
To ensure that you get the most "bang for your buck" we strengthen your directory submissions with video, geo-tagged photos as well as citations and links from rich media sources.
4. Social Citations
Every year social media is becoming more and more powerful as a ranking signal. We keep you ahead of your competition by getting your business powerful social citations.

Step 1: A Comprehensive Local Citation

When it comes to success in the local search rankings the number one ingredient is consistency, and that’s why everyone of our Local SEO campaign starts with a comprehensive audit of all your local citations.

A comprehensive audit gives us a detailed view of where you are now and sets out a roadmap to where you want to be. Without an audit the great majority of time and effort spent on SEO for local rankings is usually wasted.

Your campaign will be put through an exhaustive process where we make a complete list of all your current citations as well as the complete details of each citation.

We then cross check every single detail against each citation to ensure that your business information is completely consistent right across the board. This process removes any confliction or confusion in your listings that may prevent google from including you in the local rankings.

You will receive a fully detailed report that includes any incorrect citations and instructions on the most efficient way to update them.

Step 2: Local Citation Building

Building citations in local directories is the cornerstone of successful local SEO campaign. Our team personally hand select the best citation directories for your niche and market, and we individually hand create manual submissions to each directory.

We do not take chances with the success of your campaign so there is no software or automated system used that could potentially raise a red flag to Google.

Every single campaign is different depending on the needs of the customer and we create an individual campaign based on a combination of the following three strategies.

Strategy 1: Authority Citations

These directories are the most popular high traffic authority citations available and include such sites as Yelp, Yahoo Local, Hot Frog, and White Pages.

Strategy 2: Direct Competition Directories

Submissions to these directories are based on your specific keywords, the citations that are most important for your particular industry as well as those that are currently being used by your direct competition.

Strategy 3: Competitor Review Directories

These are the directories that Google looks too as a trusted source for reviews of your particular industry. For instance urban spoon is a trusted review site for restaurants.

As part of our service we submit to all possible directories however there are some directories that require phone or email confirmation and we will include those in our report with instructions on how to verify them.

Step 3 Rich Media Citations

In this step we go all out and take it to a level that most people don’t. Not only do we create your submissions and make them count, but we then increase their strength and authority by boosting them with videos, location taged photos as well as citations and links from other rich media sources.

We also take up to 10 photos that you supply us with and optimise them including adding new local metadata unique to your location.

We then create high authority citations and links by submitting them to the top image hosting websites.
Step 4 Social Media Citations
When it comes to ranking for local terms, social media citations are becoming more and more relevant and this is only going to increase over time. We make sure that your business is kept ahead of the curve by creating you a diverse range of social media citations.

Every social citation in this module is carefully created and manually submitted to avoid any of the possible penalties that come with automated submissions. This resulted in you getting even more authoritative and powerful links from some of the most influential social media sites.

Why You Should Choose Rapid SEO Expert

Customised Campaigns

No "Cookie Cutter". We will tailor your Local SEO campaigns to match what your business needs.

Transparent Reporting

We provide you with a full report of all completed work.

Backed By Testing And Data

We don't take risks with your business, all of our decisions are based on all of our testing and years of data.

You Keep Everything

Everything we do in our Local SEO campaigns is yours to keep. We provide you with all URL's as well as the logon details.

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Full Citation Audit

Full Citation Audit

Full Citation Audit

Full Citation Audit

30 Local Directory Citations

30 Local Directory Citations

50 Local Directory Citations

90 Local Directory Citations

5 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites

10 Photos x 3 Photo Sharing Sites

10 Photos x 5 Photo Sharing Sites

10 Photos x 10 Photo Sharing Sites

5 Videos Submitted To Video Sharing Sites

5 Videos Submitted To 5 Video Sharing Sites

5 Videos Submitted To 10 Video Sharing Sites

5 Social Media Submissions

15 Social Media Submissions

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