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How To (Simply) Lower Your Bounce Rate

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Keeping visitors on your site longer not only helps you in the search engine rankings but allows your customers to see more of your message and buy from you. 

This training will show you how to lower your bounce rate to get higher rankings and make more sales.

Video Transcription

G’Day Shane Walker here and welcome to today’s episode of Rapid SEO Expert live and in this episode we are going to go through how you can lower your bounce rate in Google Analytics.

As usual this training, like everything else we do at Rapid SEO Expert is designed to get you found online and then use advanced marketing automation to turbocharge your sales and keep people coming back for more.

So What Is A Bounce Rate?

A website bounce rate is a metric that Google uses to determine how many people are clicking through from a search result, and actually staying on your page as opposed clicking straight back to the search results. 

If someone comes from a search result to your page and immediately clicks back to the Google search result, that’s interpreted as a bounce for Google. 

By having a bounce, Google is saying, “well that page is not fulfilling that user query so it’s not relevant for the particular search phrase that we were serving it up for.

This is of particular importance even more now due to Google’s Rank Brain algorithm.

Google’s Rank Brain algorithm is the artificial Intelligence we spoke about in other posts and you can click through from the link above and it will tell you more about Google Rank Brain and how it affects search engine results.But essentially the Rank Brain algorithm is an artificial intelligence that understands the users intent with their search queries and better matches them to the relevant content. 

So therefore if people are coming to your page from the search results and they leave your page and click straight back to the search results Google’s Rank Brain will be able to make the determination that your page is not relevant for that particular search result and will demote your page in the search engine rankings.

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So What Are Some Of The Things That Can Cause A Really High Bounce Rate?

One of the first things that can cause a high website bounce rate is a poor site design or layout. 

When a visitor lands on your web page, you’ve got approximately 3 seconds for them to understand what your page is about and for them to realise that you’ve got the information that can provide the solution to problem that they are seeking. 
Now if your page is poorly designed, for instance it might have a really ugly color scheme or a lot of cluttered text without images. 

Then the user is not going to immediately understand that this page is relevant for what they are seeking and they are likely to click away and go straight back to the search result which will causes your page to register a bounce.

Create Compelling, Topically Deep Content

This goes hand in hand with website design and layout. If you don’t have compelling content, even though you might actually be relevant to the search phrase that they have clicked on.

If your content is poorly written or it doesn’t have topical depth as I have detailed in some of our other episodes. Then people are just going to look at it and say to themselves “oh its very basic, i’m not interested in this” and they are going to click back to the search results which will again cause you to record a bounce against that page.

What Is Bounce Rate In Google Analytics

Is Your Page Really About What You Have Optimised For?

One thing that can cause a your bounce rate to be high is not being congruent with the words that your webpage is optimised for. This is when someone sees your result in the search engines.

For example it might be a click here for the top 10 recipes of the week. Then if they click through your page and doesn’t have a list of top ten recipes straight away there going to see that your page is not the same as what you have optimised for.

The visitor is going to say “this is not what I’m looking for, I wanted the top ten recipes”. This will cause the visitor to click away, and that’s going to cause you a bounce as well.

.The higher the bounce rate you have, the less chance your going to rank for those search phrases

Lower Your Bounce Rate

Give Visitors An Incentive To Take Further Action

One thing that can help you to have a low bounce rate is to provide initiative for the visitor to take further action. One way to do this is by Internal Linking. Internal linking is a really great way to keep your bounce rate low and your visitors happy.

Use Internal Linking

One of the best examples of internal linking is the web site Wikipedia, and if you’ve ever been on Wikipedia you’ll see that the page is littered with hyperlinks clicking through to relevant content where the visitor can click through and read more.

Every time someone clicks through to read more that takes the bounce out so that particular page will have a very low bounce rate.

Add Related Posts Or Further Reading

Another way to lower your bounce rate is to have a list of related posts or further reading at the bottom of the page. 

That way once the reader gets to the end of your article they can say to themselves “Oh yeah I’m interested in this, I’ll click this one.” 

Once they click through to another page then there is no bounce and your bounce rate for that particular action will be 0.

Key points

So that’s pretty much all we’ve got for bounce rate. It’s a fairly simple concept. To be able to keep your bounce rate low the main object is to keep the person on the page longer and encourage them to take a further action. 

Once they take that further action then that cancels out the bounce and your bounce rate for that particular page will be zero. 

Get The Flipbook

If you’d like a flipbook and PDF of this training, depending on where you’re watching. If you’re watching Facebook live, YouTube live or you might be listening to our podcast on iTunes.

Click the instructions above or below the particular video and it will show you how you can get a flipbook and a PDF of this article. 

Also please share this with your friends and make sure that everybody gets to know about how they can reduce their bounce rate and get their website higher up in the search engines. 

So until next time I’m Shane Walker and we’ll talk soon.

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Shane Walker

Shane is a former intelligence operative turned SEO and marketing expert. 

After spending years working long stressful hours in war zones Shane realised that the systems and processes used in the intelligence world can be used to grow a business online. 

For the last 11 years Shane has been a Director at Rapid SEO Expert and is a leading figure in the Australian online business community.

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