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How To Sell More Things To Your Customers More Often

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In this post I’m going to show you can sell more things to your customers, more often without burning out your list our appearing overly salesy. 

The way that we can do this is by utilising what is known as a “Click Sequence” but before I go into what it is or how you can deploy it let’s go over the problem that a Click Sequence will solve.

Now whether you have an online business, a traditional bricks and mortar business or a combination of both the process is the same. You have a list of customers, sometimes referred to as a database and you would like to sell as many of your products and services as you can without annoying your customers or causing them to leave.

Now there is a common saying in business that the money is in the list, however I totally disagree with this because if that was the case then the spammers who send things like the Viagra and Canadian pharmacy emails would be the richest in the world because the computer viruses they send out build lists in the millions.

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Instead the money is not in the list but it is in the relationship that you have with the list. 

If every email that you sent to your database is asking them to put their hand in their pocket then you will quickly ruin that relationship and your customers will become immune to your message.So enter the “Click Sequence”. 

A “Click Sequence” is a series of emails that is designed to segment the customers that would be both interested and receptive to receiving your offer at this point in time. 

So let’s say for instance we have a sporting goods store you sell all kinds of equipment for all sports and you are running a sale on soccer boots. Now if you were to send an email out to your whole list saying that you have a special on soccer boots, you can be just about guarantee that the great majority of people on your list would not be interested in soccer or even buying a new pair of soccer boots at this point in time. 

So what we do is we create an informative and educational piece of content about all of the uses and advantages of this particulars pair of soccer boots and this is going to be the buffer between our series of sales emails and the rest of our list. 

We then send what is known as a “Click Sequence” out to the entire list, this is a series of emails, I usually send them twice a day for three days and all I say in the email says something along the lines of, hey I’ve just created a new blog post showing you how you can get the maximum usage from your soccer boots (or whatever the topic of the content is). I never mention the sale or offer for reasons I will explain later. 

Now my email auto responder system is smart enough to know if person has clicked that email to view the content and it will automatically stop sending them the rest of the emails in the click sequence so that I don’t annoy them or look unprofessional by sending them more emails to do something that they have already done.

If they click on that link to go watch the educational piece of content they have behaviourally indicated to me that they are not only interested in soccer but in the advantages of the soccer boots. 

At the end of the video or article I will have a call to action of something along the lines of “if you found this video helpful and you would like to get the same results from your soccer boots then we are having a sale on the soccer boot 2000 and you can buy it by clicking the link”.

Now my email auto responder system is also smart enough to know whether that person has purchased the soccer boots from the sale and if they haven’t it will wait for 24 hours or whatever time I wish and then follow up with a series of reminders about the sale still being on and what they have to do to make the purchase.

So by doing things in this manner you can send far more offers to your list on a regular basis because at the end of the day if someone is not interested in that topic all they will get is a couple of email saying hi I got some really cool stuff for you if you would like to have a look, and that’s not salesey or pushy and is far less likely to burn out your list then sending the same sales email to everybody.

In order to make this happen you need an email auto responder that is capable of sending out emails based on the actions that a person takes and the system I use and recommend for all my clients is called drip and you can find out more by going to rapidseoexpert.com/dripSo your action points for this video are to have a look at the marketing messages that you are sending out, are you continually sending “buy for me” emails and if so could your marketing and your sales benefit from click sequences to all your offers.

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Shane Walker

Shane is a former intelligence operative turned SEO and marketing expert. 

After spending years working long stressful hours in war zones Shane realised that the systems and processes used in the intelligence world can be used to grow a business online. 

For the last 11 years Shane has been a Director at Rapid SEO Expert and is a leading figure in the Australian online business community.
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