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Google Changes To Local Search Results

by Shane Walker
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This post is taken from our Facebook Live dated 26 October 2017. Unfortunately due to a technical error the broadcast was cut short.
Video Transcript

Good morning and welcome to episode four of Rapid SEO Expert live, I'm your host Shane Walker and today again I'm broadcasting for from Melbourne. This is the last time I'll be broadcasting from Melbourne as tomorrow morning I'm getting a flight back up to Brisbane to the office and we will have our broadcast coming out of the office starting next week.

Now before we start you may hear a bit of extra noise and clutter going around, the venue that I'm at the moment has got some gardeners working next door, and unfortunately there's not a lot I can do about that sort of noise. So if it's coming through I do apologise for that but it is something that is out of my control. So in this episode what we're going to be going through is some changes to the Google Local Search results. How they find the results and what I bring up.

I'm going to show you a great workflow hack that we use to brainstorm ideas and make notes and then we are going to go through how you can ensure that you get into your customer's inbox when you send them an email. 01:22 As usual everything we do with Rapid SEO Expert is for the reasons of either getting you found online or using advanced automation to turbocharge your sales. So the first thing we're going to go through as usual is our SEO News and we'll go through what is making news in SEO now. 

Whats New In SEO
Google Local Search
And todays SEO news again is coming from the Google blog.
02:08 And Google have made an announcement here on their blog that they are making their search results more local and more relevant. So basically what the article is going through is that.......

What they're doing is they're taking out the need to use a top level domain in your search results. And what that means is that it doesn't matter what Google web site you use and what country you're in if you use.......... Whatever you type in Google will automatically work out where you are and will serve the search results depending on where it is that you are and not what web site using.

02:51 So for instance I could go to the Google web site for France and if I was in Australia and I type in for a pizza restaurant it's still going to give me the pizza restaurants that are near me and not give me French pizza restaurants. 03:08 So how it works basically is if I type Google.com and I'm in Australia and if I hit enter it automatically changes me to Google.com.au. But you'll see down the bottom it says that we're in Australia if l go down to the right hand corner and click "Use Google.com" and click, and I'm definitely in Google.com now. Now at this moment I in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. So if I type in.......

03:47 Lets go for Thai restaurants and if we look at the search results, these search results are, for those not familiar with Melbourne they are all in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne so even though I'm using Google.com which is the American Google. Google automatically has now worked out where I am and has given me the results closest to where I am.

04:18 So what does this mean, if you are searching for local services near you, not a lot, it doesn't make any change. But it really does for a business and what we're looking at down the track, my assessment on this is that Google.........

Google's algorithms obviously getting smarter again and what they're going to end up doing is they going to do away, this is just my assessment but they'll end up doing away with all your local Google pages and there's just going to be one lot of google results.

04:41 So if you're a local business and you want to rank for your local terms etc, It's really really important firstly, that you get your NAP, your name address and your'e phone number correct on all your local citations, your website and your Google business page, any other Yelps, True Locals, anything like that they use. You've got to make sure that the name address phone number are all correct and filled out correctly but also you've got to make sure that there exactly the same because if there not it will stop you from showing up in what's now known as the snack pack which is these three local listings here.

05:22 And it also got me thinking is that, another thing I think is very important that will become more important down the track. If you're using a country domain for your business this wont apply to you. So if you're in Australia and you're using a .com.au domain, your fine because Google will know as soon as they look at that web site that its an Australian domain so it must be an Australian website.

05:52 But if you're using a .com for instance like we do at rapidseoexpert.com. You've got to make sure you go into what used to be your webmaster tools and it is now called your search console and you've just got to make sure that you've..........

06:04 There's a little box in a there and we have to make sure that you tick the country that you want your business to be listed as. So if you're an Australian business you'll tick in there and say I want this business to be associated with Australia, or if you're a worldwide business you'll put world wide etc. But if you're a world wide business Local Search really doesn't matter that much to you except for it helps with your SEO as we have detailed before.

06:28 But there the two big things out of that I really see is that in the future that Google's going to get rid of all the dot com.au's, .nz's etc and it's just going to be Google dot com. And It is very important that as a business you make sure that you get all your stations etc correct. If you want to rank for local listings. Otherwise you are just going to be put in the big bucket and it will be so much harder for you to be found. So that is it for SEO news today. The rest of the FB Live was cancelled due to a technical glitch.

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