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Automating Your Customer Welcome Message

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Good morning and welcome to the very first episode of Rapid SEO Expert live, my name is Shane Walker and I’ll be today, I’m a director at Rapid SEO Expert. So what we’re going to be going through tonight is what’s new in SEO, there is few updates and few things to talk about.

I’m going to show you a cool new piece of software that I’ve been using and point in the right direction of where to get in touch with it. We’re going to go through how to automate your welcome messages and how to automatic your initial customer contact.

Which is a very important thing because a lot of my clients the first thing I get I’m working on as soon as I become their coach, it is the first thing that I get working with my clients on and it gives a really good wow factor on the presentation with your clients.

So without any further ado we’ll get into it. So the first thing before we even start is I want to just go over our purpose and these Rapid SEO Expert lives will always be with the purpose to get you found online and to help you use advanced marketing automation to supercharge your sales. That’s what we’re all about. And there are things that we’re going to concentrate on in all these lives that we do.

So what’s new in SEO.

Automating Your Customer Welcome Message 1

There has been a lot of talk around the traps over the weekend and the last few days about a Google algorithm change that came through on Friday, Saturday night.

 Now I was reading this article here in Search Engine Journal where they go through it and they’re basically saying how there was an algorithm update and they’ve gone through and used a number of the different graphs that that people follow to to tell if there has been changes in the algorithm because you’ve got the Moz Cast, the Algaroo and the SEM Rush which are the main ones which monitor the search engine rankings and can tell if these fluctuations in any of the rankings.

Now my opinion on these Google updates or the Google algorithm refreshes is, I think people get really wrapped around the axle’s about them, and they pay too much attention to them. Google is always going to update its algorithm. It’s always going to refresh and it’s always going to be running. So you will see fluctuations in the search engine rankings from time to time.

Every time they do a refresh you might see a major change in the rankings where if it’s a if it’s a really big algorithm change the search engine rankings can fluctuate for up to a week and that can be fairly hectic. You can be at position 1, 2, 3 one day, position 20 the next day and then you jump back up to 4 or 5.

And that’s because it’s just going to sort out, they’ve got to run the algorithm over every single web site and then work out where that that website should really be ranked according to the new algorithm.

Minor ones you might see a little bit of fluctuation but really a lot of people pay too much attention to this because at the end of the day if you’re following the best practices and you’re doing your SEO correctly as soon as the waves stops from the refresh you’re going to be up in the position that your web site is really meant to be in.

The algorithm refreshes are to catch out the people who are spamming, who are doing shady tactics or trying to manipulate against Google’s Terms of Service. So that’s why they run their algorithm refreshes.

But you really really need to just keep in mind that if you’re doing best practices, yes it’s like someone throws a big rock in a pool you’re going to have wives for a couple of minutes until it settles down.

Done For You SEO Packages

But when it settles down you’re going to be where you need to be anyway. So algorithm refreshes, they are good to keep an eye on because all of a sudden if you find that you drop in the rankings and you don’t recover you can have look and say was there an algorithm refresh at that same time and you can say hey I’ve obviously done something wrong with my web site and I need to get it looked at and fixed.

But if you’re doing the right things algorithm refreshes really aren’t worth worrying about too much. So if you follow our best practices, we have our we have our best practices on what we think are the best for SEO, and we’re finding that we’re not getting caught up with any of these penalties when refreshes is come up.

So if you’d like to know our five step process for our SEO and how we rank our Web sites, we’ve got some free training that you can access and all you have to do is if you’re watching this live.

Just go up to the message us button at the top of the page and just click the message us and send us a message that says Teach Me SEO and we will send you a link to the free training and you can find out exactly what we do. We don’t hold anything back. Exactly how we rank our websites and our clients web sites at the top of the search engine results. So that’s it for what’s new in SEO at the moment.

Automating Your Customer Welcome Message 3

Now the next thing I want to do is I’d like to shine the spotlight on a piece of software that we’ve been using and we’re getting some really good results from it. It’s called Youzign.Up until very recently we were great Canva fans. We were a real advocates for the software Canva which we used for any sort of images or pictures that we needed done. 

It could have been the featured images on your blog, Facebook ads banners for websites anything like that we were using that. But now we have changed over to Youzign and Youzign is by far, it’s absolutely a thousand times better then Canva in our opinion and our whole team is using it. Now with Youzign not only can you can create all the images that you’d need for your blog post for your ads et cetera. 

You can do 3-D ebook covers. You can do you can you can do box images with your products on them. You can. Let’s see we’ll scroll and we’ll have a look at some of the some of the things that you can do. You can remove the background on photos and edit them when you when you’re putting them up on your posts. 

You can even you can do things with your brand. There’s thousands of images that you can access to use and edit as you want. It’s web based, It is just really really easy to do. You can do infographics. There is all sorts of things that you can use. But look, I have no affiliation any software at all. If you use it I get absolutely nothing from it on just passing it on because where finding this Youzign, and the website is youzign.com. It’s just a really really fantastic piece of software that’s made it so much easier to create all of our images and everything like that that we need done. So that is Youzign. 

Automating Your Customer Welcome Message 5

The next thing I’d like to talk about is the first of our automation systems that we work on every time we have a new client and that is automating our welcome message. So I’ve got some slides here I’ll put up for you and we’ll go through those first

and then I will show you how we actually do it in real time. So we are going to talk about automating you’re welcome experience. So why should you have a welcome experience and how important is it to your business? Well there’s the old saying that you only get one chance at a first impression.

So if you’ve got a customer that has never heard of you before they might be looking for your type of business and they might be oh let’s face it, all of them do, they get on Google and what they do is I take the top three or four and they shop between the two to see who’s going to resonate with within the most.

Now if you don’t give a good customer experience, that first impression is going to stay with that customer all the time. People don’t remember the good things necessarily, they remember bad things. If you don’t give them bad things and you give them a nice wow factor right at the start, the customers will like you a lot more.

They’ll stay with you a lot more and they’ll spend a lot more. It will also set the tone for your future engagement if you have a customer and you give them a really crappy experience first up they get to expect crap from you right along the line and they’re going to react accordingly to how they believe they’re being treated by you, It helps polorise your customers.

Now the big thing about polarising customers is that we want to be magnetically attracted to or we want to magnetically attract people that are our ideal customers and that’s very very important. But but not only that just as important is we want to repel people that aren’t are ideal customers. And if any if you follow the 80-20 principle at all, you find that 80% percent of your work, complaints and hassles generally come from the lower 20 percent of your customers that pay you the least.

So what we want to do is, we want to polarize our customers with all our messages so that were magnetically attracting those people that we want as customers. But we’re pushing away the people that we don’t want and it sets you apart from the rest. The great great majority of coaching clients I get.

When they start the first thing I say I is ok, first contact with a new customer what do you do? Oh I just send them a price sheet or we just send them something like that. And as I say if you don’t set expectations and make it a really good customer experience you’re no different to everybody else. They’re not going to go to their friends and say, well this company is really switched.

They looked after me and that you know they actually considered and spoke to me properly and they’re not going to come back. Well they may come back for more they’re not going to come back religiously. They’re going to go to whoever is the nearest at the time. So when you send your welcome message the customers what should be in your welcome message.

So the first thing you need is to introduce yourself or introduce your company. Talk to them about who you are. Generally you want to make it personal, so that if you’re the CEO or whoever is the head of your customer development speaking. You need to have it personal so they get to know that person, this person is in charge and if it’s just the company, companies are faceless.

You want to put a personal aspect to it. You want to let them know what they can expect from you if they’re going to be a customer of yours. What are you going to do for them and how are you going to help them. What’s in it for them, because after all that’s what the customer is after.

You want to let them know what you stand for, what your business is about and what you believe in. Your principles, your mission all that sort of thing. Just as importantly you want to know let them know what you stand against. And again what you stand for what what you stand against polorises them.

It says I’m all for this this this and this. Like for instance with Rapid SEO Expert we’re all for building a long term sustainable business system that will run automatically without you having having to be there. What we stand against is get rich quick schemes fly by nighters, people who want to do very little work make money straight away.

That’s what we stand against. So we want to repel those people because at Rapid SEO Expert, we don’t want to deal with those people but who we want to deal with and who our ideal customer is people that understand that business is a journey and we’re going to work on the journey together and we’re going to build and we’re going to have solid foundations to keep the business going.

And the other thing is you should tell them is what you what you want them to do. That’s very very important. For instance on one of the things in my welcome message is I tell them I want you to whitelist my e-mail address so that I make sure I get in your inbox. I also want you to go to Facebook and like us so that you can say updates that we put on Facebook and I can continue to talk to them.

So you know to tell what you want them to do next. It maybe ring us up, go to this page for more information but you need to instruct them. Always be very very clear, this is what we call a call to action and always be very very clear with your call to actions.

\A lot of businesses that I coach are very weak on the call to action. They are a little bit wishy washy because they think that if they ask for the sale or if they ask for the action it might just be putting your name and addressing in or something like that. But if they ask for the action they are going to offend people but at the end of the day, your business to make money.

Now you don’t want to be so pushy that you drive people away. But If you not going to ask them, again that’s not going to pay your bills. So you’ve got to tell them what you want them to do next. So that’s what should be in your welcome email.

So what I will do now is or I will log into our our automation system and what I’m going to do is I’m going to walk you through how we actually do this and how I’ve got it set out. Now the system we use when we do all of our marketing and the system that we highly recommend to all of our clients is called Drip.

Now I used to be until very recently an Infusionsoft certified partner and I used to do all my work with not only my own businesses, but all of my clients through Infusionsoft. But over the last 10 months we’ve changed everything over the Drip.

I find drip to be a far easier system to use and it is way way cheaper and more effective than what we were getting with Infusionsoft. So if you’d like to learn more about where you can get hold of drip. You just need to go to rapidseoexpert.com/drip. So if you go there you’ll be able to find out all about drip and how you can access it and get it working in your own business. So that’s that’s drip.

It’s rapidseoexpert.com/drip So what I’m going to go through now is how we actually use this. And the the way drip is set up so it automates all of our systems. So if we have a look we’ve got to start here, Drip works on what they call work flows . And basically you set the customer on a path through the workflow and you can dictate what happens when they reach each point in a work flow.

Now it’s different to the great majority of auto responders or e-mail systems because how most of them work is that you send out an email and then a period of time later they get the next email etc. The thing is with Drip you can make it behaviourally responsive to what the customer is doing. So you can sit up and say hey, if they open this email, do this, if they don’t open the email do this, if I they open the email and click a link, do this.

If they haven’t clicked the link do this so you can set it up totally so that it does exactly what you want you need it to do. So how it starts off is,as you can start off by a tag, I can apply a tag to the customer but i’ve also I got this set up automated through another section in drip and i’ve said every time I have a new customer, the first time they come on on my list I want you to do this automatically.

So I will go through it now and I just apply a tag that will start starts the series. So because this happens every time someone comes in to my database the first thing is it will come down and get to this branch here. And it says are they tagged with what’s known as indoctrinated, which means have they received my welcome email. You can make it say whatever you want but they get here and they say have they received my welcome email, If the’ve received the welcome email they just go around here and exit the workflow.

So they never get it twice and I never bother them. But if it’s no, what it does is it comes down here and it will apply the tag just to tell me that they’re actually in the series they’re receiving a welcoming email at this point in time. And that’s just from my own in-house keeping so I can actually go into my reports and say, how many people are currently receiving welcome emails. It will go through and then it says send the campaign.

Now that’s more welcoming. So I will send out the welcome email to everybody that has gone down this particular path and the welcome e-mall doesn’t have to be one email, it could be two or three. I would recommend no more than four emails, but it might be a that you give them a welcome e-mail with all the things that I just discussed about the company and everything that you do.

And you might follow it with a best of. Hey this is the best of our material or information where you might follow up with some more company information. It’s really up to you because every business is different and how you need to talk to your customers is dependent on the customers and what you’re trying to achieve with them. The thing is that it can be more than one e-mail.

You can send as many…. I would not recommend any more than four but you can send a number of e-mails in that series. As soon as it has finished amount of emails that I have actually put in here, and you can see that if I actually click on here you can see that it says what to do. I can click across here and you can see here’s the e-mail that I have put in and I could have a list and it says the time when they actually receive it.

So I’ve got my e-mails put it there. Once this happens it applies a tag to say….. I call it indoctrinated or they have been welcomed you can call it whatever you want. Remove the tag that we had up here just to say that we’re currently in the sequence and they head out. Now this might seem fairly simple and the big thing with this though is this is now automated. I never ever have to do this again.

So anybody that signs up for anything of mine, any customer that goes in my data base, the second that customer goes in the database for the first time they will receive my welcome pack. It’s really amazing the amount of business owners, coaching clients and just just general business meets up’s as well. Is that when they get new customers, they go into their email system and they type in the customers email and they copy and paste what they want to send them and send it off.

Now this is all to do with automation and Im a really, really big one on automation is that: If you do something more than twice and it’s exactly the same time each time you do it then you should automate it. At Rapid SEO Expert we do what’s called the ADD test and ADD stands for Automate, Delegate or Discard so, as business owners, do you do it more than once and is it always the same?

Then you should look at automating. If you can’t automate it, can you delegate it, to a worker to do? And the other thing you should think about is the the last day in delegate is discard. Do you really need to be doing it at all. If you don’t need to be doing it. Drop it.

The beauty of this is, I’ve set it up once, and I never have to do it again. So that is my introduction today to automation and how to automate you’re welcome system. So I’m going to be going through a lot of different automation systems as we go along with each of these weeks. I will bring you a new one and we’ll probably get a little bit more advanced as we go along.

I’m really interested to see your feedback on that. So if you’d like to just talk in the chat box what you thought of that and let me know how I can improve and what further things you’d like to see in the future. But that’s pretty much all we’ve got time for today, I would like to thank all of those people that have watched and those people that watch on replays.

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Shane Walker

Shane is a former intelligence operative turned SEO and marketing expert. 

After spending years working long stressful hours in war zones Shane realised that the systems and processes used in the intelligence world can be used to grow a business online. 

For the last 11 years Shane has been a Director at Rapid SEO Expert and is a leading figure in the Australian online business community.

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