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Google Sends July 2018 Warning To Webmasters

February 22, 2018
Is your website https secure? Websites that are not https compliant may see a loss of up to 70% of there website traffic when Google changes the way it reports insecure website from July 2018. Learn what you need to do to have your website ready.
The Beginners Guide To SEO

The Beginners Guide To On Page Optimisation

February 13, 2018
The Beginners Guide To On Page Optimisation - This guide as part as part of our SEO Fundamentals series goest through on page SEO for the novice or beginner so that you can have a thorough understanding of what is required to optimise your website for the search results.
SEO Basic Guide

SEO for Beginners – New Training Series

February 8, 2018
SEO For Beginners - This free training series from Rapid SEO Expert will teach you all of the basic fundamentals needed to navigate your way through the technical jargon and "Geek Speak".
How To Improve Your Bounce Rate

How To (Simply) Lower Your Bounce Rate

January 31, 2018
Keeping visitors on your site longer not only helps you in the search engine rankings but allows your customers to see more of your message and buy from you. This training will show you how to lower your bounce rate to get higher rankings and make more sales.
On Page Optimisation

On Page Optimisation For The New SEO (Updated For Google Hummingbird)

January 22, 2018
On Page Optimisation For The New SEO (Updated For Google Hummingbird) If you are still optimising you pages the same old way, not only are you going to find it harder to rank but you you just may be running the risk of a Google Penalty!
Rank For Multiple Terms

How To Rank For Multiple Terms (The New SEO)

January 16, 2018
The days of ranking webpages for long tail keywords are over! This video backed by case studies shows How To Rank For Multiple Terms and take advantage of the new rules of SEO to get a flood of targeted visitors to your website.
SEO Quote Calculator

SEO Quote Calculator – Get SEO That Is Perfect For You (Tailor Made)

January 15, 2018
SEO Quote Calculator : If you are feeling confused and unsure of what is the best SEO option for your business then you are going to love this video. It shows how you can take an interactive quiz that will give you a tailor made custom quote based on your specific needs.
SEO Images

Image SEO : How To Optimise For The Search Engines (Effective)

January 10, 2018
Image SEO : Optimising images is often overlooked by website owners however it can often be the difference between ranking on page one or two of the search results. In this video I'm going to take you step by step through an effective and easy method of Image SEO that you can implement yourself for great results.
SEO For Youtube

SEO For YouTube : (The Secret To Ranking Videos Online)

January 3, 2018
SEO For YouTube: Learn the correct process to optimise a YouTube video so that will rank in the search engine results including a well kept secret that we have been using to ensure that the search engines understand the content of our videos
How To Get In Your Customers Inbox

How To Get In Your Customers Inbox

November 18, 2017
Shane Walker teaches how to get in your customers inbox and avoid being labelled as a spammer by the ISP's by carrying out the correct "List Hygiene'