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EP 07 – Our 7 Step Sales Funnel

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Imagine what it would be like to have a consistent and predictable amount of sales coming into your business every month?

And would you like to know in advance how exactly how many website visits it takes to make a sale?

Having an automated sales funnel will provide you with all that.

In this podcast I walk you through our 7 Step Sales Funnel process.

Key points

[00:58] What is a sales funnel?

[02:03] Why use a sales funnel?

[02:57] What does a typical sales funnel look like?

[03:13] Funnel Step #1 Awareness

[03:47] Funnel Step #2 Engagement

[04:08] Funnel Step #3 Subscribe

[04:29] Funnel Step #4 Provide Value

[05:04] Funnel Step #5 Ascend to A Higher Purchase

[05:44] Funnel Step #6 Gather Testimonials

[06:01] Funnel Step #7 Get Referrals

[06:48] Marketing Core Principle #3 Advanced Automation

[08:35] How Rapid SEO Expert Automates It’s Marketing

[09:54] The Cheapest Full Time Employee You Will Ever Hire

[10:11] Action Points

Podcast Transcription

Welcome to episode seven of the Marketing Mayhem show, proudly brought to you by Rapid SEO Expert.

I’m your host, Shane Walker, and in today’s show we’re going to go through what is an online sales funnel.

Well after last week’s episode, which was about creating content for the top of your sales funnel. I had a number of questions emailed in to me. And the general theme of those questions was there was confusion about sales funnels, their structure, and how they work. So that’s what today’s podcast is all about.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a systemised process to move a person from not knowing you through to making a purchase. Sales funnels can have varying complexities and it depends on the type of business that you are.

It depends on the customer journey that you’ve planned out. Some funnels will only take a couple of steps and some funnels will have multiple steps and be quite complex.

Generally speaking, the more expensive your product or service, the more steps that are likely to be involved in your sales funnel. That is because there are more touch points needed to move the customer from where they are to where they want to be.

But if you’re selling something that can be considered an impulse buy. An impulse buy is something that doesn’t require any sort of consultation. The person buying it doesn’t need to go and speak to their wife, their business partner, the finance manager or anything like that.

You really don’t need that many steps in your sales funnel. But when there’s a more complex purchase or a more expensive purchase, you need to have multiple points in your sales funnel.

Why use a sales funnel?

Using a sales funnel gives you a predictable and consistent way to take a total stranger and turn them into a customer. And the important thing is the two words that I use there, predictable and consistent.

When your sales funnel is operating correctly, you have a fair idea of how many sales you’re going to get this month on what sort of revenue you’re going to bring in.

Because it all comes down to the numbers.

Funnels give you data, and once you have that data, you know that if you have so many people entering the top of the funnel, you will get so many sales at the bottom.

Sales Funnels Give data
A good sales funnel provides you with predictable data

So then it’s all about just making sure that you’re getting the people in to the top of the funnel.

If you’re not using a sales funnel, your sales are going to be ad hoc and they’re going to be unpredictable. And it’s going to be very hard to accurately forecast your sales and revenue for the coming period

What does a typical sales funnel look like?

Well, there is no real typical sales funnel because every business, the goals and the customer journey are different, but a typical funnel that we map out and implement for our coaching clients consists of seven steps.

Funnel Step #1 Awareness

The first step is the awareness step, because you can’t make sales if they don’t know you exist. We generally make the person aware of us in the form of content marketing.

We create content that solves a problem and removes a pain point that the customer or the potential customer is experiencing. This positions you as a subject matter expert and an industry authority.

It will also move you from just another vendor trying to sell something to a trusted friend and advisor. Once you do that, the whole dynamic between you and the customer changes.

Funnel Step #2 Engagement

So we have our prospect, they’re aware of us. They know that we exist.

So the next thing we need to do is we need to make them engage. We need to make them consume some form of content. That could be a post, a web page, one of our social media updates.

But we need to get them to read that content, watch that content and consume it.

Funnel Step #3 Subscribe

So now that the prospect has become aware of us and they’ve engaged with some of our content.

We need to get them to make a minor commitment and that minor commitment could be to subscribe to our email list.

To take a free trial or something like a software. To attend a Webinar or to make a small purchase like a trip wire or a self liquidating offer.

Funnel Step #4 Provide Value

The next step is a really important one and we need to give value for that minor commitment that the prospect has just given. So we need to make sure that we follow up and we don’t just forget about them.

You can follow up with an email series to see if they’ve had any problems with the software trial that they’ve downloaded. You might want to follow up to see if they’ve read the report that you’ve sent them and if they have any questions.

But don’t rest on your laurels and say hey, I’ve got them to subscribe. I’ve done what I needed to do. Don’t worry about them. Let’s move on to the next person. If you give value and you follow up, you again changed the dynamic between the person and you.

Funnel Step #5 Ascend to A Higher Purchase

The next step in the funnel is we want to make them ascend to a higher purchase so they’ve made a minor commitment. It could be a commitment in the way of time, or it could be in the way of a small amount of money. We then need to get the person to move up to one of our larger products or services.

Sales Pipeline Stages

Now, depending on the business and depending on how many products or services you have, you can keep looping through this excite, give value and ascend stages in the funnel. So you can get them to buy something else. Then give value for that purchase.

Then move them to ascend another product. Then give value again and you can keep looping round and round until either you’ve got nothing left to sell them or they don’t want to buy anymore.

Funnel Step #6 Gather Testimonials

The next step in our sales funnels is testimonials.

Get them to say something good about your product or service because when it comes down with a potential customer is more likely to buy on the recommendation or the testimonial of someone else as opposed to you saying how good your product and service is.

Funnel Step #7 Get Referrals

We’ve got a customer, they’ve moved where all the way through our stages and our funnel, they’ve given us a testimonial. They think that we’re a really great business, so now we’re going to get them to go out and refer people back to us.

So that is our seven step sales funnel.

Now these funnels need to be as automated as possible. As you heard, there are many, many moving parts in a funnel and if you were to try and do it yourself and do it manually, you’d probably end up going gaga galah.

And you would have no time for yourself. But unfortunately that’s what a lot of businesses do. They try to do their whole funnel themselves, do it manually and implement one step at a time.

If you do that, you won’t be able to scale your business because you only have so many hours in the day and you can’t physically fit in any more work that you can do.

Marketing Core Principle #3 Advanced Automation

And that’s where we move to our third core principle at Rapid SEO Expert, which is the use of advanced automation. When it comes to all of our funnels, we use what is known as Behavioural Response Marketing.

Now this has a lot of names and whilst it’s not unique to us at Rapid SEO Expert, most advanced marketers use this, but the overwhelming majority of businesses and marketers do not.

Behavioural Response Marketing can be thought of as a choose your own adventure for the customer. Behavioural Response Marketing is when the next step in the sales funnel or process is dependent on the previous action that the person took.

The old school marketing especially online was that you capture someone’s email and put them on a list. Then that list would have a number of messages that went out that particular time points. And everybody that was on that list got the same message in the same order regardless of what action they’ve taken.

And it was so bad that in some ways, for instance, you could be on a list with a 20 email sequence and you could have made the purchase on email 2 and you’d still get another 18 emails asking you to buy.

An example of how Behavioural Response Marketing works is that you could automatically send an email out to your list and if they don’t open that email, they can be sent the next email.

If they do open the email, you could send them a different email for those that opened the email. Did they click on the link or not, and you could take a different action for non clickers as opposed to clickers. Did they visit the checkout page but not buy?

You can follow up and see if there was a problem and this is all automated. You might send them to watch a video and you can follow up differently on them depending on whether they watched it or whether they only watched part of it or if they did not watch any of it at all.

How Rapid SEO Expert Automates It’s Marketing

There are many marketing platforms out there these days can implement Behavioural Response Marketing. But at Rapid SEO Expert we use and recommend Kartra and you can find out more about that by going to rapidseoexpert.com/kartra. That’s K a r t r a and I’ll put a link in the show notes below.

We use and recommend because it’s a total marketing package and it’s designed with both the beginner and the expert in mind. With Kartra, you can collect the leads, deliver the optin report, send Behavioural Response Marketing campaigns.

One Click Sales Funnel

Make sales pages, collect the money, make membership sites to deliver your content or training. You can also manage appointments and more.

And for those that have either no funnel experience or no time to set up funnels are one click, installs for funnels. And you can have a complete Behavioural Response Marketing funnel installed with emails, sales pages, checkout pages and everything you need all linked up and connected.

And it even has sales copy and you just need to go in and change a few lines of the copy, put your product details in and a few things like that and you’re ready to go. with Behavioural response marketing.

Using Kartra means that no matter your level or experience, you can run high level Behavioural Response Marketing funnels just like the big players and have it all running on autopilot.

[09:54] The Cheapest Full Time Employee You Will Ever Hire

And with plans starting at $79 a month for everything included. It really is the cheapest, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, employee that you will ever hire.

Check it out at https://rapidseoexpert.com/kartra

Well, that’s all we have time for in today’s episode.

[10:11] Action Points

Your action points are to have a look at your sales funnel. If you don’t have one, put one in place as soon as possible. If you do have one, is it as automated as possible? Does it follow the principles of Behavioural Response Marketing?

If you’d like to get your questions answered on a future show, download the free anchor podcast app. It’s available at either, the apple app store or on the Google network. Look up the Marketing Mayhem show.

Click leave a voice message and we will add your message into a future show and answer your questions.

Until next time, I’m Shane Walker and we’ll talk soon.

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