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EP 04 What To Do Before You Get Found Online

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For most businesses getting found online can be an absolute game changer, however…………

There are a number of things that must be done to your website before you get found online. 

Failure to do so can greatly reduce your chances of success.

In todays episode Shane Walker goes through the exact steps that you need to take to make sure that you have the greatest chance of succeeding.

Key Highlights

[00:46] Our 3 core principles

[00:12] You need an authority website

[01:48] Two major sales killers

[02:23] More than an impulse buy

[02:48] What is an authority website

[04:51] What is your copy really saying

[06:35] Move the customer to the next logical step

[08:13] Action Points

Podcast Transcription

Hello and welcome to episode 4 of the Marketing Mayhem Show, proudly brought to you by Rapid SEO Expert.

I’m your host, Shane Walker, and in today’s episode we’re going to go through what you need to do to your website before you start to get found online.

Three Core Marketing Principles

Now, regular listeners to this podcast will be familiar with our 3 core principles, and that is to get you found online. To convert those leads to sales and then use advanced automation to turbo charge your sales and keep people coming back for more.

But before you even get found online, there’s a number of things that you must do to your website, and that’s what today’s episode is all about.

You Need An Authority Website

So the first thing that you need to do before you start getting found online is that you need to make sure that you have an authority website. And I’ll go through what that is in a moment, but the reason you need an authority website is because these days people don’t give their money over easily.

Where long past the days of where having a website equals or authority. People no longer say hiey they must be legitimate because they’ve got a website and they don’t give websites to just anybody.

Authority Website
To succeed online you need an Authority Website

So in order for a customer to buy from you, they first need to be able to trust your business. If your website only talks about the two major sales killers which are, give me your money, give me your money, give me your money and talking about yourself.

We have been in business for 20 years. We pride ourself on this. We do this, we do that. Then the customer will have no affinity or trust with you and they will be hesitant to buy.

When You Sell An Impulse Buy

If the products or services that you sell is more than just an impulse buy.

And an impulse buy is something like buying a chocolate at the checkout of the supermarket as you’re going through.

And the best way to know if something is more than an impulse buy is, does your product or service that you sell require consultation.

Is the person that is buying it, first going to go and speak with their wife, business partner, or the finance manager at their business. If that is the case, then you need to have an authority website.

What Is An Authority Website

So what is an authority website? An authority website is a teaching website. It does two things. It educates on the products and services you provide, and it also positions you as an industry expert.

An authority website publishes regular content that is beneficial and helpful to the customer.

It could be things like how to use your products or services. For instance, if you’re a plumber, you could do a post on how to fix a leaky tap.

Or how to install a washer. It also educates on the benefits of using the products or services, not what the product or service is.

Not how it works, but what the customer will get from purchasing your product or service. You can also do case studies, case studies on how someone has used your product or service and it has enriched their life.

How it has transformed them or how does change them from the position they were in beforehand to the position that they are in now

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Become An Industry Expert

An authority website should also position you as an industry expert. You can do posts or updates on the latest news and trends within your industry.

You can also do expert interviews. Interview someone who is regarded as an authority and an expert in your field that is not in direct competition with you.

So when you put that interview on your website, people will naturally associate you with that person and place you in the same realm, or the same position as they hold the industry expert.

So that is the basis of an authority website. An authority website is far more than just the usual, give me money, give me money, buy from me type of website.

It’s something that people will use as a resource and they will continue to come back to.

What Is Your Copy really Saying To The Customer

Now, once you have established your authority website, you also need to look at the copy that is on that website. Now when we talk about copy, we’re talking about the message and it could be in text.

It could be in video, could be audio, but its about the message that it is giving the potential customer.

You need to make sure that the message concentrates on the benefits of the product and not the features. The features of a product is what the product actually has and the benefits are what it does for the customer.

The Customer Does Not Care About You Or Your Business

One thing you really need to understand is that the customer is not interested in you as a business owner. They are not interested in your company. They are not interested in the history of your company or how it works or what you think about.

They are interested in what’s in it for them. What will they get from dealing with your company or from purchasing your product and services. That is all the customer is interested in and that’s what you’ve got to address.

And when you address that, they will be more likely to buy from you.

You’ve also got to reduce the we in your copy and I touched on that a little bit earlier. But quite often when I get new consulting clients, the first thing I do look at their website and it will just be full of we.

All that will be on the website is, we are a proud company.

We have been in business since this day. We pride ourself on doing this. We have won this award, we have done this, we have done that. And as I said, at the end of the day, your customer does not care.

Can you provide the product and service that they want and what will be the benefit to them from buying that product and service from you?

So once you put your authority website in place and you make sure that your copy is speaking to the actual customer.

Have A System In Place To Move The Customer Forward

You have to have something in place that’s going to move the customer to the next logical step in the sales funnel.

Now, if you have a product that is not an impulse buy, as I said, it’s something that requires consultation or thought process, then it is highly unlikely and it is my recommendation that you don’t just go from hey, just met you, glad you’re here on the website, have a read of this article, now give me some money.

Business Systems
You need a system in place to move the customer to the next logical step

You need to establish the trust and rapport with the customer before they will buy. So you need to have something in place to take your next logical step and that could be to get them to call and speak to a salesperson to further them along through the funnel.

It could be to get a quote. You could also want the person to enter their email address to receive a free white paper or report and then you can follow them up with a targeted email marketing campaign.

But no matter what your next step is, it could be any of those or it could be something that I haven’t mentioned. You need to make sure that there is something in place on that website that is going to automatically move them to the next logical step.

So that’s the three main things that are needed before you even look at getting your business found online. And if you implement them, it can make a dramatic improvement to the amount of sales and the amount of customers that you are getting.

Action Points

So that’s all we have time for today. Your action points from today’s podcast are:

To have looked at your website, is it an authority website and if not, you need to start creating content that positions you as an industry leader and a subject matter expert.

Your next action point is to make sure that you have a system in place that moves the customer into the next logical stage in your sales funnel

And you need to look at your copy, make sure that it addresses what is in it for the customer, and remove as much we as possible from your website.

Now, if you would like to get your questions answered on future podcasts, you need to download the free anchor podcast app that’s available from the iTunes store.

It’s also available from the Google system. Once you’ve done that, look up the Marketing Mayhem Show and click leave a voice message.

Once you’ve done that, we will receive your message and we will actually add your voice onto one of our future shows and answer your questions in the podcast.

And if you haven’t already, go to our website rapidseoexpert.com, and make sure that you subscribe. That way you will get some case studies and training that is not available anywhere else.

Until next time, I’m Shane Walker and we’ll talk soon.

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Shane Walker

Shane is a former intelligence operative turned SEO and marketing expert. 

After spending years working long stressful hours in war zones Shane realised that the systems and processes used in the intelligence world can be used to grow a business online. 

For the last 11 years Shane has been a Director at Rapid SEO Expert and is a leading figure in the Australian online business community.

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