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Ep 02 – Is Your Business Ready For 2019

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Are You Prepared For The New Year

2019 is now upon us and it is time to take stock of where we are at and where we want to be.

In this podcast we take a look at what you should be concentrating on as well as what not to look at.

Podcast Transcription

Good morning and welcome to 2019. Yes it is that time already. I really can’t believe where it’s gone. It seems like we’re only just starting 2018. I’m Shane Walker and I’m one of the directors here at Rapid SEO Expert and here in Australia it is the start of the traditional working year for us.

So most businesses now are getting back on track and just getting into the swing of things.

[01:05] Its Time To A Good look At Your Business

So it’s really now time being the start of the business year, to take stock of where you are at, where you want to be at the end of the this year.

Set your goals, set your KPI’s and you’ve really got to plan to make this year better than what you did last year and we’re going to go through some of that today.

[01:24] This Is Not About Thinking Positive

But what I don’t want to make this is one of those motivational. You can do it. Think positive, you know, and and the world will be fantastic type of talks.

Because quite frankly, there’s plenty of them around anyway and I don’t know that they necessarily work all that well, they will work for one or two weeks and then you tend to run out of steam.

Ep 02 - Is Your Business Ready For 2019 1
Business Success Needs More Than Positive Thinking

You run out of motivation and you just get caught up back in life again and you end up doing the same things that you were doing the year before. So it’s time to take stock. But what we need to do when we take stock to set our KPI’s and set our goals for this year to make sure that this year is better than the last year.

[02:10] The Two Things You Need To Look At

What we need to look at is we need to look at two things. We do need to have a look at what went well last year and look at if there’s any ways that we can scale that and make it better.

But my view and our team’s view is that it’s really not the main thing that you should be looking at.

[02:30] Don’t Focus On What Is Good

And the reason is that if you sit down and you keep focusing on what you’ve done well and what have been your successes, a couple of things are going to happen.

You’re going to be complacent because you’re going to be reinforcing that mindset in you that everything’s great, you’re doing the right thing and you’re doing things really well, important that you do look at it, but only from a scaling point of view to be able to move forward.

[02:57] Where Our Focus Will Be

What my team and I will be doing for the next couple of days starting after this live stream is we’re going to be looking at what we did well last year, but our major focus is going to be on what mistakes we made. Looking at all the things, and we’ve made quite a few doozies last year and I’m sure every business does.

If anybody tells you that everything went perfectly and we made no mistakes last year. They’re probably living in a bit of a fantasy land. So we need to focus on what we did wrong and we need to focus on that for a number of reasons.

We Need To Learn From Our Mistakes

First we need to learn from those mistakes. Now we have a look at what we’ve done wrong or what didn’t go well during the year or what could’ve gone better and the first thing we’ll do is we’ll think, well, was that just a really, really bad idea that we need to chuck in the bin and not do again?

Learn From Your Mistakes
To Be Able To Grow A Business Needs to Learn From Past Mistakes

Or, we look at it and we say, well, maybe that is something that we say, why did it go wrong? And we can look at it and say, how can we fix this and make it better this year? And that’s the main focus of what we’re going to be doing. We’re going to have a look at all our systems that we implemented, what went wrong and how can we fix it?

[04:11] What You Should Be Doing Instead

So I really encourage you as a website owners, as business owners, as marketing managers, sit down and look at your failures from last year and learn from them. How can you implement them better this year? What mistakes were made and what needs to be changed and look at that for moving forward into this year. Because if you just sit there and say, all right, I’m just going to look at the positives. You’re going to have a good year.

Well, your year’s going to be the same as the year that you had last year, so if you had a reasonable year, you’re going to have a reasonable year again this year, but you’re not really going to improve because you’re doing exactly the same thing that you did last year and I think it was Einstein that’s been quoted for this, but I can’t be exactly sure because every quote that seems as to come out is either from Einstein or Henry Ford.

So the two of them must have been really busy making quotes. But the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing but expect a different result.

[05:12] How To Improve Your Business This Year

So if you want to improve your business this year, you really need to get out, look at what was wrong and fix it. So that’s the thought I want to leave you with today.

It’s just a short one for the new year, and welcome everybody back for the new year. And I want to wish you all the success for your business for this year going forward. And if you’ve got any questions on what sort of things you should be looking at or how you can implement that, don’t be afraid to put it in the chat box.

And until next time, good luck with all your business. I’m Shane Walker and we will talk soon.

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