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Off Page SEO – The Beginners Guide (Updated)

Off Page SEO – This training will take you through what is required to correctly optimise your website so that it is ready to rank in the search results.

The Beginners Guide To On Page Optimisation

The Beginners Guide To On Page Optimisation – This guide as part as part of our SEO Fundamentals series goest through on page SEO for the novice or beginner so that you can have a thorough understanding of what is required to optimise your website for the search results.

Does Your Business Need The Help Of An SEO Expert?

An SEO Expert is someone who does a lot more than just getting your website found in the search engine rankings. Hiring the right search engine optimisation company for your business can be the difference between success and failure. A competent SEO should able to complement your team and assist you in the following areas:
Review and advice on the correct web page setup
Online lead generation and sales conversion
Advice on marketing and sales copy
Management of online business goals and objectives
Advice on business automation and productivity systems

What Is SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. A person who conducts search engine optimisation enhances a website so that can reach a top ranking in Google or any of the other search engine results organic listings.

When you look at a search results page there are two types of listings on it. There is paid advertising, where essentially you bid a certain amount to have your listing placed there and each time someone clicks on that listing you will be charged a fee for that click.

Then there is the organic listings, this comprises the majority of the search results page and is the primary focus of an SEO Specialist. 

Unlike paid advertising which is open to the highest bidder the positions in the organic listings are awarded to the websites that the search engines believe is the most appropriate website for that particular search phrase.

Google's Algorithm

In order to determine what website is the most appropriate result for a particular search result, Google and the other search engines apply a mathematical algorithm that is based on both On Page (things pertaining to your website) and Off Page (things that pertain to other websites) factors.

Although Google and the other search engines keep their algorithms secret, our experience in years of SEO has resulted in Rapid SEO Expert having a thorough understanding of the most important factors needed to rank your website.
On Page SEO Factors
On Page SEO is all of the components that comprise your own website. The involve such things as your content management system (we use and highly recommend Wordpress), the structure of your website, how fast your website loads, as well as the content of your website and whether it is relevant to the term that you wish to rank for.

You can find out more about all of these topics in our SEO Blog.
How Rapid SEO Expert Conducts Its SEO
All of our SEO work is conducted in accordance with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. We don’t take any shortcuts or gamble with the future of your business. We are all about building a long-term sustainable business for you.

Google's mission is to match the most authoritative and relevant website with the users query and all of our work is centred around making you an Industry Authority and subject matter expert.

We achieve this by applying our Authority Triangle System where we first make you an authority on a subject for your industry, then an authority across all the subjects in your industry. We then follow that up by getting other authorities to recognise you and boost your standing in your industry.

You can find out more about all of these topics in our SEO Blog.
Search Engine Ranking Packages
For those that already have a great sales, marketing and conversion system and just want that nudge up the search engine rankings. Our team can implement one of our Search Engine Ranking Packages specifically for you to get you targeted leads from the search engines. This service is designed to allow you to rank your website in less time for less money than ever before.
Local SEO Services
Our Local SEO Services are an “all in one” local ranking machine that is designed to get you found on the top of the Google local and the Google My Business listings. This service is ideal for anyone who:
Has a local business or local clients
Has a bricks and mortar or a service based business
Wants an easy way to rank for local search terms or in the “Google Map Pack”
Has struggled to get good local rankings in the past
Website SEO Audit
There is absolutely no point spending any time or money trying to rank a website in the search engine results until you are sure that your website is “ready to rank” Our SEO Website Audit will give you 9 pages of actionable information that will set out the exact steps that you need to have the optimal on page SEO that is required to greatly increase your chances of search engine success.
About Rapid SEO Expert
SEO Expert Brisbane
Our mission is to get your business found online, create you new sales and use advanced automation to keep them coming back for more. 

Based in Brisbane Australia we help businesses all over the world achieve this by utilising our advanced knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation and Dynamic Response Marketing.
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